WELCOME to Natural Proverbz!

My name is Tatum and I’m the girl who wants to help you feel comfortable in your skin, inspire you to start taking responsibility for your self, and make your life a journey to optimal health.


Long story short, I’m for all things health/wellness/beauty/fitness. This blog is a reflection of me, my beliefs, hobbies, interests, and values. I do a plethora of cool little everyday healthy lifestyle things  that are too good to keep to myself and I wanted to create a platform so I could share it with everyone. I truly believe everything I do to be beneficial and it brings me so much joy and peace. This blog is for everyone, but especially those wanting to better themselves in every dimension of health & wellness. Sometimes I may share some random personal posts because this is still a personal blog and there are aspects of my life that I may feel the need/want to share. So what is Natural Proverbz all about?

Wellness: the state or condition of being in good physical and mental health.

This is the basis of the entire blog. Anything I post will have in mind your spiritual, emotional, physical health and overall well-being. When you live well and eat right, you stress less because your body is in the best state that it can be in. I will be sharing practical health tips, food recipes and workout plans. I’ll also be providing encouragement for you to reach your goals.

I hope that all you lovelies will embrace what I share & add them to your life-long to do list. Read. Meditate. Reflect. Enjoy. Subscribe. Leave comments & feel free to ask me anything. Share my posts with your friends & family. #supportbloggersofcolor 

Thank you for being here. Stay holistically healthy and fit lovelies. Don’t forget to subscribe!