Passion Fuels Purpose! | A Word From Dom of Cosmic Psyche

Hey Friens! 

It’s ya girl Dom (Domonique if we’re getting technical though the only time I hear my gov is when I’m in trouble l o l.)

I’m just a young, wholesome black blogger out here trying to find my way through this crazy thing we call life, while holding tight to my purpose and dealing with the every day ups and downs of nursing school, dog parenting, sorority shenanigans (S/O the good Redz), & the very little bit of the social life that I have left. 

When Tatum asked me to do a guest write up for her blog, I wasn’t very sure of what I wanted to blog about. Mostly because we are EXTREMELY alike when it comes to our interests (it’s almost scary), but it keeps things fun because very few people know what they’re talking about and she comes with the holistic lifestyle FACTS. My blog, Cosmic Psyche, is extremely broad and possesses all of your health/wellness, beauty, black history, fitness, self love/lifestyle needs. This made choosing my topic interesting, but I think I’m going to hit the head on this one and I hope you all enjoy it! 


selfI believe that each and every person on this Earth has a purpose in his or her life. We are not meaningless people, no matter how big or small you believe your life to be. With this being said, identifying, understanding, and embracing your PURPOSE is one of the most important actions you can take towards the betterment of your own life. Often times we are stuck in a place of stagnation, whether it be because of fear, comparing your life to another, hidden insecurities, or just plain ole lack of self awareness which keeps you from understanding WHY you are here and what exactly your purpose is. 

 Personally, I believe my purpose is to be a light in the lives of others, while on the other hand literally saving people’s lives (Nurse Dom 2019). My dream career was always to be a motivational speaker/life coach/therapist, so when I found out I could do all of the above as a nurse I knew I was headed in the right direction. However, before I genuinely understood my purpose in life, I was indeed one of the unsure, fearful individuals who didn’t adapt well to change or react well to rejection or pressure. I have learned through the years of building my self confidence and self assurance to what it is now, that your biggest enemy is truly yourself. YOU have to have faith in you, because if you don’t believe you can do something….does anyone else’s opinion even matter? 

 It amazes me what our minds are really capable of. I see the greatness in everyone, even when they don’t see it in themselves. I can tell you FIRST HANDEDLY that YOU set your own limits in life. You are capable of achieving WHAT EVER YOU WANT. Look at Drake, who literally started from the bottom…or Oprah, Tyler Perry.. all of these people started from nothing and fueled their purpose with PASSION to become what they are now. 

 So here I am, asking you to evaluate what exactly your purpose in this lifetime is. What do you want from this life? How can you use your gifts to make this world a better place with you in it? I’m here to help you figure it out. 




1. Figure out what you love to do in your free time, and explore it! 

 Let me just say, I don’t expect every person on Earth to be an Oprah Winfrey or a Drake…not in the least.

 What I do expect, is that every person has at LEAST 1 or 2 things they love to do, and at least 1 thing your good at. Even if you don’t know what it is, (I didn’t) I promise it just takes a little soul searching. Some people are naturally funny, others are good public speakers. Some people are into holistic living *coughs* Tatum &  I *coughs*  while others are into hobbies such as painting, drawing, you name it. All of these things can be ignitions for purposeful living. I have seen artists who were once average artists and watched them grow into something phenomenal while using their artwork as a form of expression to the people. I have seen public speakers grow into some of the best life coaches and motivational speakers I have ever known. I have seen holistic lifestyle bloggers *coughs again* turn their knowledge into lifestyle lessons for readers such as you all and become very successful within their own brand.

All the while, we subconsciously tap into our inner passions. We just need to learn to use them! 


2. Figure out what quality about yourself you love sharing with others the MOST and align it with your passion. 

 I can say 100% the quality that I love to share with others would be my generosity. Something that seems so small, has turned into something so much greater. I love to share. Whether it’s the clothes of my back, the knowledge in this brain of mine, or just sharing a good word of encouragement… and speak life into others. Your special quality may be your outpouring confidence, or on the other hand your humbleness. It could be your ability to make someone’s day better, your desire to teach, or your desire to learn. Any and every quality can be turned into something purposeful, so don’t limit yourself! 


3. Take time to yourself and decide where you want to go with your life. 

 This is important. You should have goals both big and small. I think it’s also important to take time to yourself to understand what goals you truly want to achieve. We tend to compare where we are in life to where others are and feel a need to rush or slow down our journey. Don’t. DO NOT LIMIT YOURSELF. Make crazy goals. Instead of telling yourself that you WANT to accomplish something, tell yourself that you WILL accomplish it. It will become less of an optional desire and more of a must-do task, and you will get it done. Hold yourself accountable and follow through with your goals. Understanding where you want to go in life will aid in figuring out how to use your passion purposefully. Exclude your parent’s, boyfriend/girlfriend, sister, cousin, or anyone else’s opinion from what YOU want to do with YOUR life. You only have this lifetime to accomplish what you want. Stop putting it off, because time will not wait for you and you will end up being an 80 year old grumpy old man/woman wishing you would’ve done life differently. 


4. Believe. In. You. And. MOVE.

self 2Finally. Once you have understood your passion and found your purpose, you have to move on it. Don’t wait for anyone. Don’t settle for just anything. If you have to work a 9-5 just to afford the lifestyle you are destined to have while you put in the extra work then SO BE IT. Everyone’s journey is different. No one soul is the same. Embrace being y o u. Embrace being different. It won’t always be easy, but I can promise that reaping the benefits of your diligence will be worth it. Believe in your ability to achieve your heart’s desires and MOVE.ON.IT.

You can choose to be a lion—the leader of the pack who chases after what they want in life, or you could choose to be a sheep—just another insignificant number in a herd of other sheep, waiting for whatever life chooses throws at them.

You’re so much more than just a lil old sheep. Fuel your life and it’s purpose with passion, and love every single minute of it. 


I hope that in some way, my words have settled in your spirit and have moved you to elevate your life. Please, don’t get caught up in everything going around us everyday to the point that you are distracted from living your absolute best life. Faith without works is dead. Dreaming without believing, is dead. You have the rest of your lifetime to be exactly who and what you want to be…the time to start is NOW. 


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