Our Day Trip To Austin, Texas! | Hiking Essentials + Things To Do in ATX

As most of you know, I am currently a graduate student in my second and final year! Thank you God. As a grad student I rarely have time to myself, I put in countless hours at clinicals, I spend most of my time studying, and I don’t get to do a lot of the things that I enjoy or spend time with loved ones. But, I FINALLY got a week off after a very trying summer semester and I literally could not be any happier. I get to chill, blog, workout in peace, see my frens, and… take a day trip with big head. I knew that this week would be the only time we would actually have time to spend together without me having any school commitments, so I planned a day trip to ATX that involved something I truly love to do, HIKING!!!!

img_4542Call me extra, but OF COURSE I packed a hiking bag (that I made him carry during the hike) full of snacks, beauty, and wilderness essentials. 

Here, you can see the snacks I packed for us, nothing fancy (Big Lots has alllll the cheap good snacks!). I love sea salt popcorn so of course I got some. I also got us Gatorade to replenish all our electrolytes (because you will sweat your whole life away dealing with Texas heat), mandarin fruit cups, nature valley oatmeal bars, fruit snacks, and a protein bar to keep us energized! I also got us matching T-shirts to change into after the hike, and bandanas from Dollar Tree to wear during the hike. And of course we had water, because who would go on a hike without it??

And don’t dare go hiking without bug spray or sunscreen!

Hiking Beauty Needs!

You guys know that I am a beauty product FREAK! So you guys should expect nothing less from me than to pack a few beauty must haves.

Of course I brought:img_4546

  • Rose water spray to keep my skin cool, calm, and hydrated.
  • Glossier’s vegan invisible shield SPF 35 sunscreen. I swear this is the best facial sunscreen I have ever used.
  • EO’s natural + organic deodorant. This is my favorite deodorant to travel with because you don’t have to worry about it melting. And the essential oil blend it’s made of smells amazing. The other natural deodorant depicted is a great one too but it has a floral rose scent so I didn’t use it. Just wanted to take the time to share some of my favorite natural deodorant brands (:
  • Cocoa butter just in case I felt my skin needed to be moisturized lol. It’s best to bring lotions and creams that DO NOT have a scent, you will attract all the bugs out there.


I also brought these feminine cleansing wipes. You never know when you’ll have to use the restroom, and honestly using toilet paper in the wilderness will not do it for me. I need to feel clean and fresh at all times during the hike! And I need to fresh and clean after.

Our Day

We woke up bright and early, 3:45AM to be exact, so we could make it to ATX before the Texas heat and sun decided to come out and play. We embarked on the hiking trail at Barton Creek, and it was super woodsy and beautiful. I wish I would have taken more pictures but I was too busy enjoying the moment, and conversation. We literally did not stop talking and cracking jokes. And of course, I depended on him to lead us in the right direction because I have the worst sense of direction EVER. I definitely “are you sure we’re going the right way” ‘d him to death.




Kasey enjoying the view. 






Me enjoying getting a break sitting on the rocks on the shore of a small lake lol. The sounds of the stream literally needs to be on the sleep  stories on the Calm app, it was beautiful!! P.S. shortly after this picture, I slipped on a rock.



My view for most of the hike ♥

Me and Kase after we finally finished! We made it to the trail at 8AM, and finished at 11:00AM.


After we finished, we went to go eat at The Oasis on Lake Travis. The view was breathtaking!! It has the best view of the lake. Unfortunately we didn’t take any pictures because we were so focused on getting food, hiking had us all kinds of hungry. If you’re in ATX or plan to visit, this is definitely an eatery to put on your list. Here are a few photos I found:



We didn’t get to stay in Austin long, but I enjoyed getting to spend time away together in a different city. 












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