What To Do Before You Start A Cleanse!

Every month I like to do a cleanse. Juice cleanses are my absolute favorite thing to do! It gets me re-energized, rejuvenated, vibrant, and overall it makes me feel happier and healthier.

I shared a 7 day juice cleanse with you all recently, you can check that out here 7 Day Juice/Smoothie Cleanse , but I realize I didn’t speak on how you should prepare your body for this type of detoxification.  

How To Prepare Your Body

Before you start a cleanse, you need to put your body through a pre-cleanse. This will maximize your results and make the cleanse more beneficial to your body and overall health; setting you up for a more effective cleanse overall. Taking the time to do so is important because it can help ease the detoxification symptoms over the first few days.


At least 1 or 2 days before you start a cleanse eliminate the following: 

  • Dairy (yogurt, milk, cheese, eggs)
  • Meat (fish, chicken, pork, beef, etc)
  • Sugar (this includes honey, agave nectar, stevia)
  • Alcohol (sorry, no wine )
  • Salt (white, table, foods with high sodium content)
  • Coffee (pro tip: if you are a regular coffee drinker, switch to yerba mate or green tea!!)
  • Wheat (bread, pasta)

If you like to regularly indulge in any of the foods listed above, don’t dwell on the fact that you can’t have them. Instead, think of all the fresh fruits and vegetables you CAN have before you start your cleanse. Increase your intake of water, fruits, and veggies to start off strong. ♥



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