How I Stay Healthy and Happy | How To Start + Healthy Lifestyle Tips You Should Know

What’s up guys, welcome back to my blog! I’m feeling more and more inspired to help you guys along your health and fitness journey, hence why I decided to write this particular blog post. I share a lot of healthy to do’s with you all such as clean recipes and such, but I realized I never shared how to go about it. So this post will start you off with the basics.

I started my journey when I first went away to college. It’s not that I didn’t care about my health in high school or anything like that, it’s just that sometimes you’re conditioned to eat what your parents put in the fridge or pantry. Sort of like those times as a child when you wanted to go eat somewhere and you ask your mom for it and she hits you with the “do you have so and so money?” lol *shrugs. Sometimes it’s hard to be healthy at home when everyone isn’t on the same page and you aren’t able to be your own sole provider. It was way easier for me to do it when I went away to school because I was able to fill my fridge and pantry with what I wanted and nothing else. I’m super thankful for being able to go to college and improve my health habits. So I guess the tip here is be healthy no matter the environment. Don’t give in, stay strong. Be realistic though, if you’re situation is anything like mine you are definitely on a budget.

Firstly, but also secondly, let me just say that I know I eat super healthy now, and it comes easy and quite naturally, but I used to love love love junk food and fast food so trust me when I tell you I know how challenging it can be to start a healthy lifestyle. The biggest thing that will help you the most is eating in an enjoyable, maintainable, and healthy way. In the beginning, I used to think that to achieve the ‘body of my dreams’ I had to restrict my portion sizes (I bought a food scale and everything…), eat less and live off white meat and sweet potatoes and greens because that’s what all the other health freaks were doing but hellooooo I need seasoning and food that makes my taste buds tingle with excitement okay. So obviously the way I first went about it just wasn’t working for me and if you go about it that way you won’t last very long, you’ll get discouraged and be very very tempted to revert back to your old ways.

If you are an OG subscriber, you know I consider myself a plant based eater. No not a vegan or vegetarian, but someone who includes a lot of raw and whole foods into their diet. I first started this journey, and remained successful, by starting small and continuing to make progressions along the way. Starting small is KEY, don’t overwhelm yourself. In the beginning, I found the easiest way to go about this was to make smoothies and juices (I still do it to this day, this is one habit that will DEFINITELY stick with you). Because let’s be real, would you rather sit there and eat a whole plate of vegetables, or would you just rather drink it in a juice, add some fruit, put in a few superfood powders, and be done with it? Juices and smoothies are one of the easiest and quickest ways to supply your body with a boost of essential vitamins and minerals. No need to go and take vitamins and supplements when you already get it all from one simple juice or smoothie.

Even though I’m not vegan, every now and then I like to treat myself to a nice vegan meal. It’s something about doing this that makes me feel amazing. Who doesn’t feel great after eating a healthy meal?? I LOVE the way I fuel my body and genuinely crave the healthy options not only in my kitchen, but everywhere that I go. However, I do always consider how everyone is different. I like to make these posts, not to tell you how to eat, but more so to show you how you can and expose you to different things. The best advice I can give to you that I do myself is listen to your body and eat in a way that makes you happy. I don’t restrict or deprive myself, but I will always make the best conscious decision I can to benefit, and not jeopardize myhealth.

In terms of exercising, go to the gym with a plan! Mapping out your workouts will not only help you to have an efficient, systematic, successful day at the gym, but help you to get in the habit of making going to the gym a part of your daily routine. You most likely will go if you plan ahead. 

*Also always remember, diet will ALWAYS BE WAY MORE IMPORTANT than exercise. Fitness is 20% exercise, and 80% nutrition.*

These next few tips have nothing to do with a healthy diet, but everything to do with how to have a positive and prosperous day.


I love waking up early in the morning, changed my life. 

Morning Tips: assess how you feel and mix it up. For example, one morning you may want to do yoga, one morning you might just want to take a walk around the block. It really doesn’t matter what you do, as long as you’re doing something active and stimulating. Being a couch potato or staying in bed far into the late morning is a no for me, I’ll be unproductive for the rest of the day.

Also, it’s super easy to be stressed when you’re first waking up (at least for me it is). You think about what all you have to do, if you even have enough time to make breakfast(I hate missing breakfast my whole day will be ruined if I do), and just end up wishing you could just get back in the bed. The best way I have gotten over this is to…


My Stress Free Morning Routine

  • wake up at the same time every single day (preferably before 7), yes even on the weekendsmakes it easier to get out of bed and you’ll feel great
  • do some morning stretches, nice and gentle
  • shower (with some nice soothing music playing), brush your teeth, do your morning skin care routine, fix your hair
  • make a morning coffee or tea, I have turned into a coffee freak and I’ve always been a tea freak you should see my pantry, its FULL
  • make a nice breakfast
  • watch a health vlog
  • get dressed and ready to conquer the day
  • then I’m doing what all needs to be done that day, whether is errands, clinicals, or school work

I do my best to always always always remain positive throughout the day.  But my days are extremely long and busy and I am super beat afterwards so what I most look forward to is coming back home to unwind.

My Stress Free Nighttime Routine

  • eat a nice healthy satisfying dinner
  • get my things ready/in order for the next day to come
  • take a relaxing shower, or detox bath (depends on how I’m feeling)
  • do my nightly skin care routineI love doing DIY face masks and steam facials at night
  • put my hair up
  • light some aromatherapy candles
  • read a few pages out of my current good reads, which right now is The Alchemist, or watch a movie from my childhood, I watch Hercules 3 times a week no joke
  • reflect and write in my journal
  • thank God for the day
  • do my best to fall asleep, it can be a challenge for me most nights but I still remain positive lol

I hope you guys enjoyed this post because this is a topic that I’m very passionate about and love sharing. I’ll be making a more in depth self-care routine post soon. 

XOXO, Tatum ♥



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