Why You Should Be Adding Chlorophyll To Your Water | The Many Benefits


img_3964Every morning I break my fast (that’s what breakfast is) with water and some type of fruit before I go on to have something more filling. The major benefit of drinking water in the morning is that it provides your body with a good supply of fluid to flush out the toxic waste products of metabolism that occurred through the night. So this makes it a form of detoxification. It also kick starts your metabolism. But I don’t just drink plain H2O, I add chlorophyll, and here’s why.

Chlorophyll is packed with vitamin and minerals. Here are the benefits and what it does:

  • blood cleanser
  • blood builder
  • oxygen booster
  • colon cleansing
  • immune system booster
  • balances intestinal flora (all disease starts in your gut)
  • infection fighter
  • liver function booster
  • fights free radicals
  • alkalizes the body
  • helps skin disorders
  • promotes healthy digestion
  • fights/protects against cancer
  • promotes healthy hair, skin, and nails


chlorophyllYou can reap all those benefits simply by adding it to one cup of your water every day! Preferably in the morning. I know the first thing one worries about is taste, but its tasteless so its super easy to drink and it doesn’t take any time to get used to. To purchase chlorophyll simply click the image. (No this is not a sponsored post, I just want everyone to flourish).

The best food sources of chlorophyll are:

  • green leafy vegetables
  • romaine lettuce
  • broccoli
  • wheatgrass juice
  • spinach
  • spirulina
  • chlorella




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