You Ok, Sis? | What Consumes Your Energy?

Let me just start by saying that the world is so ugly, and if the answer to the question in the excerpt is no, its okay. For years, there have been people working hard to break my spirit and make me feel that I’m not enough. They are not the only ones to blame though. I blame myself for letting ugly spirits dictate the feelings I have toward myself and allowing them into my space. 

So I spent some time sitting alone to check in with my soul. It forced me to identify what it meant for my soul to be happy; which is very different from your mind and physical body by the way.

For me a happy soul is balanced. That balance, to me, is being aware of where my energy is going, being intentional about where its being placed, and who it is being shared with. Working towards being more mindful of my soul and energy is my #1 priority as of today.

We sometimes unconsciously allow certain things, people, situations etc, to consume our energy more than we know. Understanding where your energy is being spent, allows for you to spend it carefully in the future (know your worth and add tax). It also allows you to have a say in it. Its also important to acknowledge that you may have to work harder to make this transition. Me personally, I know I have some serious work to do. What will you do in order to make this much needed transition?

As of lately I really have been zeroing in on what negative thoughts, actions, and people I’ve been feeding with MY energy. With that being said, I’ve made the conscious decision to re-channel all that energy back into myself, where I know it will be well spent. What have you been feeding? How can you re-purpose that energy?


This week has been filled with MANY revelations and I’ve realized I have some serious work to do when it comes to putting myself, my mental health, and my spirit first. In order to live the peaceful, prosperous life I desire I must do countless check-in’s with my soul, starting today. I am flowing with, and trusting in the journey, MY journey.

Check in with your soul.

Photo courtesy of Pinterest.


  1. Wow. Excellent read. We never know what someone is going through until they tell you. Thank you for this. Many can relate, some are just afraid to speak up. Kudos to you. Keep up the great work!

    Donald Mathis

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