Dress It Up & Make It Real For Me | Pretty Little Thing Mini Fashion Haul

To be honest guys, I never really was into fashion up until recently. I played sports starting at the age of 5 all the way to my senior year of high school so obviously I was a sporty, sweats wearing kind of girl. So yes, a MAJOR tomboy. My mom couldn’t get me in a skirt, dress, nothing. Only my granny could for church on Sunday morning. It even lingered in college a little bit until the end of my junior year, I felt that I needed to get in touch with my feminine side for once lol. Also, I finally mastered the art of make up so I’m pretty set! I’m no longer the first one whose ready when I’m going out with friends (being the first one ready and always sitting watching your friends do their make up is so not fun).

Anywho. Pretty Little Thing was being worn by a lot of “celebrities” and I thought to myself hmmm, those outfits are pretty cute. I was even more pleased when I visited the website and saw that it wasn’t a super expensive clothing brand. I have rent and tuition to pay, but I still want to look cute too ya know. I didn’t splurge but I got a few cute things, nothing fancy (not my style), to add to my collection. 

Black Rib Extreme Scoop Neck Crop. $12.

Black Slinky Second Skin Midaxi Skirt. $25.

Black Second Skin Disco Pant. $30.

The crop top is super small, which works for me because I don’t have boobs really (bummer). The skirt is  really form fitting so you can’t take a full walking stride but you can make your walk still look normal lol. The pants fit my figure perfectly and they are silky smooth, definitely like a second skin. This is how I chose to dress this outfit to show you guys but you can definitely add other garments, such as a black denim jacket (I got the denim jacket below from TJ Maxx, $24.99). This look is one of my favorites!! I’m wearing heels now, but knowing me, when I really wear this I’ll be in my vans.


Charcoal Blue Zip Front Sweater. $25.


Overdressed Slogan Yellow Oversized T Shirt. $15.

Black Chicago Slogan Oversized T Shirt. $15.

I should have ironed these T-Shirts but I got lazy. Again, most likely will be wearing these with kicks of some kind, jeans, or biker shorts. It’s really easy to dress up a T-Shirt however you want. It’s your style, don’t let anyone tell you what to wear and how to wear it. “Fashion” is just a reflection of one’s personal style. 

I was a first time customer so I got 20% off this order. The total came out to be $102.60.




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