Hair Growth Tips Every Natural Must Know To Achieve Waist Length | Do’s & Dont’s

After cutting my hair to its lowest length ever in college due to the damage I had done, which was barely past my shoulders, I achieved waist length hair by disciplining myself to achieve some serious hair growth. This included using all natural products, store bought and homemade, handling my hair gently, sometimes going days without touching it and leaving it be, eating super super healthy (loads of antioxidants and mineral rich foods), and drinking tons of water. The tips I am sharing with you all today do work, and I am sharing them all and then some because I want your hair journey to be just as successful as mine.

Before I get into the do’s and dont’s, I want to go over a few things. What I learned during my hair journey is that achieving hair growth is only as challenging as you make it out to be. Your hair requires two things: having the proper knowledge about natural hair care, and patience. Sticking to a consistent routine of good hair care practices will provide you with mind blowing hair growth no matter what type of hair you have (so yes, 2a all the way to 4c). 

Black, or ethnic hair is more fragile than any other hair type. In order to keep our hair healthy we have to treat our hair differently than straight hair types. If you have issues with achieving hair growth its most likely due to you unknowingly doing things that counteract hair growth.

Tip #1

Getting regular exercise stimulates the follicles and promotes hair growth. I can’t stress enough how important it is to eat healthy and exercise, put your body in the best environment to flourish and it will handle the rest!

Tip #2

Detangle your hair with the best tool there is… YOUR HANDS!! Combing your hair everyday should be avoided. Finger detangling is a sure way to not snag and break your hair strands. Trust me, it makes a huge difference. If there’s no way you can possible detangle your hair by finger detangling alone, just make sure you detangle as much as you can before you reach for a wide toothed comb. It can wreak havoc on your strands if you comb your hair too often.

Tip #3

Oil and massage your scalp with 3 drops rosemary essential oil and a carrier oil of your choice (I recommend jojoba, avocado, argan, castor, or shea nut) for a few minutes every day. This stimulates blood flow to your scalp, therefore it stimulates new hair growth.

Tip #4

Always always always protect your hair with a silk scarf or bonnet before laying down. You hair can get caught in the linen and every move you make in your sleep can cause you to have breakage. This is also the best way to keep in all the oils and moisturizers you put in your hair before bed. You’ll wake up with dry hair every morning if you ignore this tip.

Tip #5

Cut back from the heat! I used to be a flat ironing freak. I would have hair growth during that time in my life, but it was very slow and wasn’t nearly as much as I experience now. Once I left the flat iron alone (the last time I flat ironed my hair was September 1, 2017)and followed all these tips that I’m sharing, my hair grows like a weed. Frequent heat use will definitely get in the way of the length or health goals that you are trying to achieve. Every time I go home to visit my mom she always comments on how much longer it got since the last time I saw her… and I see her every other week lol.

Tip #6

LEAVE YOUR HAIR ALONE. Frequent manipulation of your hair is no bueno. Find a protective style that you like (I prefer twist outs) and leave it in as long as it will last. I noticed early on in my hair journey that excessive combing, brushing, and manipulation did not contribute to any retention at all. It does the exact opposite.

Tip #7

Research holistic hair remedies. You’ll be amazed at what all you find. And they all work!! Make your own herbal teas and rinses. I’ll be sharing my favorite ones with you all in the upcoming weeks. It’s a lot I have to first go over with you guys.

Tip #8

The ends of your hair are the oldest, driest, and most fragile part of the hair. Place your moisturizer directly at the ends of the hair and seal in that moisture with a butter or oil. 

Tip #9

Deep condition your hair every week. Your hair is more manageable, softer, and less prone to breakage, and will retain its length. Make sure to apply a hefty amount of it to your ends , its very important to do so.

Tip #10

Spritz your hair with some type of water (coconut water and aloe very juice are my faves, they are super hydrating) before adding in your butters and oils. Oils and butters DO NOT moisturize your hair believe it or not, they act more as a sealant.

Tip #11

Do a protein treatment once every two weeks. If you have a lot of short random fly aways, it means your hair is losing its elasticity, which leads to extreme breakage. It’s important to not do these protein treatments too often, it can end up drying out your hair.

Tip #12

MAKE YOUR OWN HAIR PRODUCTS. Being able to tailor your products to your exact hair type is the best thing you could ever do for your hair.

Tip #13

Do not regularly trim your hair. I know its people out there who always say in order for your hair to grow you must trim it often and that is so not true lol. If you are trying to grow your hair, trims will not help you to accomplish that. Trims help hair grow HEALTHIER but that’s it. With good care you will not have to trim as often.


Eat a well balanced diet. Keep yourself hydrated. Keep your hair moisturized. Keep the ends of your hair protected, with styles like buns, two strand twists, French braids, what ever your preference. Have a consistent hair care routine. 

Don’t use heat, or cut back as much as you can. Don’t over comb or brush your hair because it can actually tip and tear your hair apart. Don’t go to bed without protecting your hair. Don’t over manipulate your hair, let it breath leave it be. 

It is hard for me to sit and think of every little thing that has helped me on my hair journey so I will continue to update you all the second they come to mind.

Here are the natural products I make that work wonders for my hair.

My Hair Timeline: A little out of order but you get a sense of the progession!

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