Unravel Co. | Sustainability, Minimalistic, Handmade, Traditional, a Lifestyle

Today I wanted to share a great small business I had the opportunity to receive goodies from Unravel Co. is a small business based out of Austin, Texas that was founded in 2017 on the basis of service, helping others, and developing fruitful relationships through design and collaboration. Their mission is to preserve traditional craftsmanship and develop sustainable areas of life for generations to come. They create handmade sustainable woven handbags and their pieces are GORGEOUS.

I love supporting businesses who do so much for the community and other countries and I would love for you guys to do the same. They definitely have a piece for you. ♥

The bag that I was lucky to receive is the Elizabeth. It is a crossbody bag, but can also be handheld, that’s easy to carry, very accessible, and adjustable. It’s made with Kinkahe straw and was handwoven by Artisans in Sherigu, Ghana. It takes them 8-10 days to make them. A purchase of this bag creates employment opportunities, and supports the educational system within the community.

Check out their website here: Unravel Co.

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