Yesterday’s HOT FIRE Leg & Core Day!

I was somewhat crunched for time at the gym yesterday so I only had time to do these simple, YET EFFECTIVE, exercises. I am super sore in my legs, booty, and abs but it feels great. These will definitely make you feel the burn but you’ll feel amazing afterwards so make sure you find the time to get this workout in. I advise you to sit in the sauna, stretch, and foam roll afterwards. It’s spring ladies and gentlemen so summer is right around the corner! Remember to warm up and stretch appropriately.


Core and Booty Blasting Circuit


5 min stair climber



1 minute walking forward lunges and 1 minute backward (w/ bar or dumbbells)





Donkey kicks 25 each side (w/ theraband or dumbbell behind the knee) 




1 minute wall sit (w/ 25 or 45 lb. weight plate on your quads)




1 minute plank jacks on bosu ball





1 minute right side plank (w/ hip dips)

1 minute left side plank (w/ hip dips)





1 min hip raises (w/ weight plate or bar)

Complete 4 sets



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