Do you even Fashion???

Hey guys, this post is quite a bit of a change of pace from what my blog is all about. But they key word, or statement, from that is that this is “my blog” and I’ve taken an interest in something that I never thought I would… fashion!!!  I also think this aspect of the blog will let you guys know more of who I am as a person outside of the health and wellness scope. You express yourself with what you wear.

Growing up I was a SERIOUS tomboy, that lasted into my teenage, and a smidge of my adult years. My mom couldn’t get me in a skirt, dress, or heels to save her life. The only person who was able to was my granny when she would force us to wear dresses she bought from Lord knows where to church early Sunday morning. I was an athlete all through high school so I always got away with wearing my athletic wear and some kicks. My hair was always done though so it made me look somewhat decent haha. I still have my days where I’m not the most feminine in what I wear but my closet is FULL of heels, dresses, skirts, maxis, all that. I actually love getting cute… although my make up skills still aren’t that great, I’m getting better though. Who knew eyeshadow was such a difficult task??? 

I cant wait to share my looks, and expose y’all to my simple, yet stylish, minimalistic wardrobe♥

This is something that I’m going to have a lot of fun with and I hope you guys enjoy it. And don’t worry, I’m a very responsible shopper (I do splurge sometimes but very rarely), so whatever I show you will be very affordable, but most importantly, stylish.

First up will be, drum roll pleeeeeasseee…


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