My Morning Wellness Shot!

My OG subscribers know that I am big on gut health, its one of the most important aspects of your health. Every morning when I wake up, after brushing my teeth and washing my face of course, I head straight to the kitchen to take my morning wellness shot. Taking this shot on an empty stomach is key, its the first thing your digestive system will absorb. I’ll wait about half an hour before I have my breakfast, which is usually a smoothie because I’m always crunched for time.

We naturally have tons of bacterial strains in our digestive system. its completely normal to have.  About 85% of the bacterial in our gut is beneficial to our health WHEN the vast majority of the gut flora is of the friendly variety. The remaining bacteria is kept under control and easily handled when you have an abundance of the good bacteria. A good gut flora balance is super super important and helps to perform helpful bodily functions.

It only becomes a problem when you have a reversed proportion of good and bad gut flora, which is mostly the case with people today. They have too much of the unfriendly bacteria. This can be caused by antibiotic use (which is why its good to eat organic and grass fed meats, they inject animals with steroids and antibiotics to make them grow bigger), birth control pills, and other meds that that negatively affect gut flora. The consumption of processed foods and high amounts of sugar feed candida, which is the main cause of yeast infections in women. An unhealthy gut and unbalanced gut flora can lead to diarrhea, constipation, excessive gas, bloating, irritable bowel, inflammatory bowel, kidney stones, ear infections, strep throat, colds, vaginal yeast infections, Crohn’s disease, cancer, and so on and so on. That’s some nasty stuff there ain’t it? But all of those conditions can be prevented if you take the necessary steps towards good health and wellness practices. Starting with this morning shot… 

Disclaimer, it doesn’t taste the best but it is tolerable I promise. If you can take a shot of tequila with your girls/bros, you’ll be just fine, this tastes way better and its good for you.

Wellness Shot Recipe:

  • Spirulina Powder
  • Glow Advanced Inner Beauty Powder
  • A lemon slice, this will be your chaser!
  • 2 fluid oz. of water

How to Make & Take:

  • Mix 1 tsp. of Spirulina, and 1 tsp. of the Inner Beauty into 2 oz. of water
  • Stir, then take it to the head!
  • Hurry and grab your lemon slice!

TBC-Glow_1024x1024@2xThe inner beauty powder is a probiotic-rich formula packed with easily digested, super-charged nutrients that absorb quickly and effectively by your cells. Not only is it good for your gut, it promotes collagen synthesis and support skin radiance. This powder is for anyone looking for an essential daily beauty blend to improve gut health and support skin rejuvenation.

omg-spirulina-front-back_fotor__64075-1494294724Spirulina is incredibly high in protein and is a good source of antioxidants, B-vitamins and other nutrients. It is one of the most nutrient dense foods on the planet. 

I was introduced to the glow inner beauty powder by my favorite wellness vlogger. I ordered mine from Amazon but they now currently carry it in Sephora. The Spirulina powder can be purchased from any health food store. However I bought mine from the health food section in TJ Maxx. Be sure to subscribe, more great health posts coming your way! Don’t miss out!

Natural Proverbz♥

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