A night of self care with my favorite girls

It doesn’t take much at all to pamper yourself. Everyone should have their very own self care routine, it keeps you sane and radiant. You should also self care with your besties. We all have stressful days and its nothing better than winding down with your girls to relieve you of those stresses. This was a night filled with gossip, wine, healthy snacks, junk food (of course right lol), and laughter. A perfect Saturday night “spa day” that didn’t break our pockets. I came up with a diffuser blend that I thought would make my apartment have spa vibes. That mixture was lemongrass + rosemary. It smelled amazing and it definitely set the spa mood.

What our night consisted of! (I wish I took more pictures but I was too busy enjoying the moment my phone wasn’t even a thought).

Facials, facials, and more facials. An easy DIY is to wet towels, squeeze out the excess water, and place them in a crock pot, and WALA… you have freshly steamed towels to place on your face to open your pores before you put on a face mask. We also used them for our pedis, our feet and toes was looking pretty.

Junk food & healthy snack. We had chips, cookies, popcorn, and of course… WINE!!! My sister also made coconut & cacao bites. There will be a separate post about how to make them soon on my blog!

img_1530Manis & Pedis. This was by far my favorite part of the night. We each pulled random questions about relationships, pet peeves, deal breakers, qualities that your future husband must have, fetishes that men have that are a no no, and more that we came up with from a jar. This made for great conversation and I was literally weak from laughter. Our cheap (free) version of table topics and it was great. My friends and sisters are legit the funniest people I know, besides me of course. This is something that you all should do. You’ll learn a lot lol. img_1543-1

This night was so perfect and was very much needed. My big sister and my friend both have big girl jobs, and me and my twin sister are both currently in grad school so we can go and get big girl jobs (yas, independent women lol) so time is something that gets away from all of us. My advice to everyone is to not let the want to be successful in life keep you away from family and friends and consume your life. Take some time out to unwind and relieve yourself of the stresses that are placed upon you daily. We all decided that this is something that we will start doing with each other once a month and I’m super happy about it because it was just what we all needed. I’m definitely looking forward to the conversation, and the laughs. Self care with your friends and family ♥


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