Beauty: a combination of qualities that pleases the aesthetic senses.

I honestly believe that how you look on the outside is a reflection of how you look on the inside. Meaning, you look your best when you treat your body like a temple. What you eat can affect the health of your skin as well as the rest of your body, obviously. The effects of beauty are becoming so major on society that some people go through extreme unsafe measures to reach, what can sometimes be, a very unrealistic “standard of beauty.” Be happy and comfortable with who you are!

I completely understand what the stress of wanting to look good can place on you (and we all know we can sometimes get obsessed over our appearance) so I’m here to show you a better, healthy, and holistic way of doing so. Anything that I post on my blog, whether its a juice recipe/smoothie, DIY fresh face mask, or a foodie post will have your skin, and overall health, in mind. Don’t forget to subscribe so you can keep up with all these good thangs I’ll be continuing to share with you guys. It’s all out of love.


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