Hey subbies! Today is just one of those days where my hair is on the dry side. Having thick hair can be a struggle and can make keeping your hair moisturized a full time job, but I found a way that has made getting my hair properly moisturized super easy to achieve. If any of you feel that your hair is in serious need of moisture, no matter the hair type, and you have struggled to find the right conditioner to match your hair needs, look no more my frens! This is a super reliable hair hack that I tried out one day by simply adding two ingredients that works like magic to my conditioner (p.s. it works with ANY conditioner). I haven’t conditioned my hair any other way since the first try! It’s that good.

So what are they? Dun dun dunnnnn…


These two ingredients together are the perfect duo. Olive oil deeply penetrates the hair cuticle so that moisture and nutrients are absorbed, leaving coarse natural and curly hair not only smoother, but shinier and healthier as well. Honey acts as a humectant (attracts moisture). 

The great thing about this is that the majority of us have these two ingredients in our pantry already, and if you don’t and need to go and buy them, you won’t break the bank because they are relatively inexpensive.

All you need to do is add 1 tbsp. of olive oil and 1 tbsp. of honey to your favorite conditioner, leave on for 30 minutes covering your hair with a plastic cap (you can also sit under the dryer for deeper hair shaft penetration). Rinse. And WALA! Your hair is smooth, soft, shiny and extremely MOISTURIZED! For my wash & go girls, you should definitely add this to your hair regimen, it will change your life. I currently have it on my hair now while writing this post (:

P.S. I either use mielle organics deep conditioner, kera care hydration masque, carol’s daughter rhassoul clay, camille rose deep conditioner (all of which are natural hair products using all natural ingredients, or an avocado (blended until smooth and creamy).



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