Sunday Morning.

I woke up this morning around 8:30ish, just in time to watch my Church Home’s live video on Facebook (which is something I haven’t done in a while) but something told me to tune in. The message this morning was just what I needed to hear. It’s crazy how God urges you to do something that leads you to a message he wanted you to hear/see…

“Stay away from those who have a superiority complex. These are people who believe they are better than you, people who feel the need to talk about you, people who feel the need to ridicule you, and people who feel the need to sabotage you. Don’t stay up late at night worried about what these people are saying about you. It is not for you to worry about.”

WHEW! When I tell you that I struggle with and stress about caring what others think of me and say about me… but why??? I guess I just never understood how/why people could not like me, and talk about me without even knowing me. It is disheartening but my Pastor is absolutely right, I have to stop worrying. I have to stop giving people who are against me power over me. They want that control over me, and this is me ending it. As of today, I am letting go of all the negative feelings/emotions I have let others lead me to feel. I am so thankful for Him telling me to sit, be still, and listen this morning. I’m currently getting dressed to make the 11AM service. I hope that this helped anyone who has the same struggles. Happy Sunday everyone.

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