I was recently asked if I had any recommendations for any skin care products that can be found in store, and the answer to that question is Y E S! Although I enjoy making my own products and going the natural route, and want you to do the same one day, I still have a bad habit of still seeing products in the store and buying them, its a hobby for me. There are tons of skin products in stores that work wonders for your skin. However, if I am buying one of those products I try to find one made with as many natural ingredients as possible. With that being said, its time to share some of my faves. Feel free to leave comments, any feedback, or use the contact form to ask me questions or leave any suggestions that you have. And SUBSCRIBE! (: Also, if you want me to do an all natural all homemade skin care routine I would be more than happy to, just let me know in the contact portion of my blog! Anywho…

Guys, there should be LEVELS to ya skin routine.

img_1027For the most part I follow the day and night routine above, however I do my night time routine a lil differently. You’ll see that later though…


  1. Facial cleanser

I have quite a few facial cleansers that I interchangeably use morning and night.


Say yes to tomatoes clear skin cleanser. This is a detoxifying charcoal cleanser and I swear its magic. I sometimes get a few hormonal breakouts on my forehead from stress and when I use this cleanser the blemishes are almost instantly reduced. It also brightens my complexion. This can be found in Target and Walgreens.


The body shop tea tree cleanser is a skin clearing facial wash. I highly recommend this is you suffer from severe hormonal breakouts or cystic acne. Tea tree oil is a miracle worker. If you typically have clear skin there is no reason for you to buy this product, tea tree is useless on already clear skin lol. The body shop is all natural, vegetarian and cruelty free. This can be found at The Body Shop, Ulta, and sometimes Marshall’s on a lucky day.

organicallyI first came across this product at a farmer’s market in San Antonio, TX. It is a product from a small black owned business *woot woot* that specializes in all natural skin and beauty products, Organically Bath & Beauty Inc.

“Our Exfoliating Detox Facial Wash provides a superior quality cleanser that aids in drawing out impurities from your skin. Creating a healthy complexion free of blemishes and breakouts. Activated charcoal draws out toxins, tea tree oil works naturally against fungus and bacterial growth, chia seeds are rich in precious omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants rich which restore moisture, diminish redness and improve fine lines and vitamin e works to heal and nourish your skin and has an abundance of anti-aging properties including acne scar healing.” I absolutely LOVE this facial wash! You should definitely check out all their products. This product can only be found on their website or at one of their various pop up shop locations. Check out their website here Organically Bath & Beauty Inc.


Now this product is definitely a must have. Cocokind is definitely one of my fave natural skin care lines. This cleanser is full of antioxidants and helps maintain healthy moisture levels. I also use this oil to remove makeup, which honestly isn’t a lot, just lip stick and mascara so I honestly don’t know if its good at removing foundation. But either way, this is a great cleanser to use. My fave thing about it is that it’s an oil so it doesn’t strip your skin of moisture like some soaps tend to do. When I use this I sometimes forget I have to follow with a moisturizer because that’s how moisturized it leaves my skin, without leaving me lookin all greasy. This product can be found in HEB, or on  their website, Cocokind facial cleansing oil.

2. Toner 

Toner is important because it removes any residue that’s left behind after cleansing (bacteria and oil that can mix together to cause acne).


This is the only toner that I use currently. Its inexpensive, and it leaves my face clear and smooth. It promotes soft, supple skin and it clarifies and refines ya pores. Your face will be so soft, like baby booty soft. I always find this at Marshall’s so I never look to see if its anywhere else. I have also tried No. 7 Beautiful Skin refreshing toner which I liked a lot but this one is cheaper. But all No. 7 products can be found in Target, Walgreens, and Ulta.

3. Moisturizer or Day Cream857334005146-5-1498768622

THIS PRODUCT IS THE BOMB! The only ingredients that this product contains is organic virgin coconut oil, organic virgin avocado oil, organic tea tree oil, organic lavender oil, DASSIT! It makes you glow too. You can find this in HEB and on the their website that I mentioned above. But to be honest I probably won’t buy this again once I run out because I literally can make this myself.

say yes moisturizerYes to clear skin daily balancing moisturizer. Its rich in antioxidants and powerful sebum (acne-causing oil) absorbers and is 99% natural ingredients and formulated without parabens and silicones. It moisturizes and balances your skin and gets you that care free complexion we all want. You can find this product at Target, Walgreens, and Walmart.

4. Sunscreen 

Sunscreen is the most important step in the day time routine in my opinion, especially for my skin because I’m an Athletic Trainer and work outside sports, be out there alllll day in the sun and heat. Sunscreen is also important to wear on days the sun isn’t even out because there are still harmful UV rays present in this here ozone layer. Yes you do need ya Vitamin D, but don’t be out here getting skin disorders. Prevent your skin from prematurely aging, don’t be wrinkly.


I’ve been using this sunscreen for a while now. It brightens my complexion, its soothing, not greasy, and its very light weight. It also lasts a long time because all you need is two small pumps of it and its enough to cover your whole face. I bought mine from CVS pharmacy.


This is a product I bought off of impulse, like I said buying skin products is a hobby of mine. Once I’m done with the garnier skin active sunscreen I will be using this one faithfully. It has a higher SPF and its super light weight, and its non-comedogenic. It’s a paraben free and vegan product. It has a slight shimmer to it so you literally glisten in the sun, but don’t worry it won’t have you looking like a glazed donut. I don’t know if these products can be found at local store fronts, I ordered this straight from their website, Invisible shield daily sunscreen SPF 35.

Throughout the day I like to keep my skin refreshed. I have two favorite products that I use to do so.

originsHeritage-Products-RoseWater-Rose-Petals-4-fl-oz-120-ml-0-300x300The Origins GinZing energy boosting treatment lotion mist, and Heritage Store rosewater. I get the rosewater from Whole Foods for 7.99, and the origins mist from Marshall’s for 12.99, it’s sold by Origins for 22.50.

That sums up the day time routine, lets move on…


I am going to switch the order of the routine to match what I DO at night.

  1. Cleanser– I use the same cleansers that I use in my day time routine.
  2. Toner– I use the same toner that I use in my day time routine.

3. Mask

This is my favorite step to my night time routine. I have bought tonsssss of face masks, whether it’s a sheet mask, clay mask, over night mask, you name it. But for the sake of this post, I’ll only share the masks that I currently have in my skin care rotation. I use face masks every other day.


This is a SUPER deep pore cleansing clay mask. The clay from this mask comes straight from the Amazon River and I honestly think that’s super cool lol, the lady said that and I was like oooooo das da one (it’s sad how easy I am).


The sukin detoxifying clay masque is the bomb. I’ve honestly never used a face mask that left your skin EXTREMELY moisturized afterwards like this one does. It’s made with kale, goji berry, bentonite clay, avocado, baobab, and rosehip oil. Your skin will be GLOWing, it brightens the complexion to perfection. I always find this product at Marshall’s for 5.99, on the sukin website its 16.95, Marshall’s is the GOAT.

4. Serumyarrow

The Fig + Yarrow Apothecary night nutrient booster serum. This serum is amazing. It provides anti-aging benefits and repairs damage overnight. It’s super light weight and moisturizing. It dries with a slight tackiness but not bad (which doesn’t matter because you are to follow this product with a moisturizer) and its not oily or greasy. It enhances and is easy on the skin and great for daily use! I bought this product at Target, I think its one of their exclusive products.

s-l1600The Rate & Co rosehip oil antioxidant serum is a must have. It’s infused with acai fruit and cranberry oil. Rata & Co are natural products free from parabens and harsh chemicals and are packed full of premium ingredients like Chia Seed Oil, Organic Rosehip Oil and Coconut Oil. They are only made exclusively for and sold at Marshall’s, Homegoods, and TJ Maxx. You can’t order them online.

5. Moisturizer, Night Cream, or Face Oilvitamin e

Trader Joe’s vitamin E oil. I apply a small amount and warm it up by rubbing it between my hands then patting it onto my face. Vitamin E oil is a good antioxidant for ya skin, and its moisturizing and has anti-aging properties. There are plenty of places to find vitamin E oils, but I’m at trader joe’s a lot so I always get theirs.

night a mins

Origins high potency Night-A-Mins. Just think of this as a vitamin for your skin. It’s a mineral rich, high potency oil-free renewal cream. It leaves your face super smooth and you’ll wake up to pretty skin. I always get them at Marshall’s when they have them, have I mentioned how much I love Marshall’s??! I got it for 24.00, and its sold in origins for 44.00.

6. Eye Cream

I use the Rata & Co chia seed oil eye serum.51z1mIcfeKL._AC_UL320_SR234,320_ I can honestly say that it has brightened the skin under my eyes and has boosted my appearance. Me being drained from grad school was definitely showing on my face. Like I said earlier, this product is sold only at TJ Maxx, Homegoods, and Marshall’s. Sometimes I use the 24k gold under eye masks that can also be found there or you can buy them on Amazon. They come in clutch.

7. Spot Treatment

drying lotion

Four words, Mario. Badescu. Drying. Lotion. Just apply it to that stupid pimple you ain’t ask to pop up on your forehead with a q-tip and watch it be gone in the morning. I always buy this at Ulta.

Alrighty guys, that sums up my day time and nighttime skin care routine. Your skin will be on fleeeeek ♥

If you would like to know about every product I have used, trust me I have a lot, just let me know and I’ll be happy to share them.



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