All Natural Hair Moisturizing Oil Blend.

Winter time is here, aka dry hair szn. This is one of many of my natural oil hair blends that’s all. about. moisture. We saying NO to dry hair okurrr. All oils are linked so you can make this phenomenal hair blend!


Shea nut oil: A PURE MOISTURIZING OIL! This oil is for hair in need of intense natural moisturization as well as protection against harsh weather conditions, such as extreme heat or COLD. It’s rich in oleic and essential fatty acids and is bomb at nourishing and moisturizing your hair and scalp. It is absorbed quickly so you’ll enjoy healthy lustrous hair without any greasiness. 

NOW Solutions Shea Nut Oil, 16-Ounce

Avocado oil: an effective moisturizer for dry, brittle, damaged hair. It is packed with healthy hair vitamins such as vitamins A, B, D, and E and also has protein and amino acids; all nutrients that make it ideal for use to help prevent damage to the hair from poor nutrition, heat styling (something I did way way waaay too much), or chemical treatments (ain’t no perms/relaxers bih).

NOW Avocado Oil, 16-Ounce

Jojoba oil: its primarily known for preventing hair loss/thinning, helping you to grow longer and stronger hair. But it’s also a great moisturizer. It hydrates hair from the inside of the hair shaft and prevents the shrinking of hair when it gets wet and dries; and I know shrinkage is something all curly heads can relate to. It also makes ya hair softer.

NOW Solutions Jojoba Oil,4-Ounce

Castor oil: moisturizes and softens your hair and promotes healthy hair growth. It eliminates dry hair because it deeply conditions and moisturizes the hair and scalp. It makes the hair fuller by thickening thinning hair, makes it shinier and smooths frizzy hair; boosting your hair’s overall health. Hair will be out here flourishing.

Now Solutions Organic Castor Oil, 8 Fluid Ounces

Okay, so how to make…

I use a leak proof straight tip applicator bottle that has measurement lines; makes it easier so you don’t have to worry about having to pour it into measuring cups and all that. So mix:

  1. 2 parts shea nut oil
  2. 1 part avocado oil
  3. 1 part castor oil
  4. 1/2 part jojoba oil

Then I apply it to my scalp and massage it down from the root to the tips of my hair. Then I’ll go about styling my hair per usual with my homemade mango butter moisturizer  —> All natural DIY moisturizer  <— whether I’m combing it back into a sleek bun, French braiding, or twisting it to keep my hair out my face at night my hair is NEVER EVER EVER DRY and be. on. fleek. All these oils can be found at any vitamin store but I prefer the now solutions brand from HEB because they are beautifully priced lol. They’re 100% pure oils, meaning the castor oil is pure castor oil with no added oils or alcohols. I wouldn’t buy the oils form the beauty supply store because they all tend to have added synthetic ingredients. 

UP next is an all natural moisturizing hair mist spray!

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