The Face Shop!

Now this post is a little change of pace from what my blog has been preaching about, but I absolutely loveee this place. Those days where I just don’t feel like or have the time to make my own skin products I find myself coming here. This beauty store sells a plethora of no paraben skin care products, such as makeup, creams, toners and cleansing products and it is honestly the prettiest store front I’ve ever been in.


They have some of the BEST products for all skin types with no added parabens or hormones, or any of that other crap some beauty products can sometimes have.  The owner of this particular location is the sweetest lady you’ll ever meet, her name is Sone (idk if that’s how to correctly spell it), and she has so much knowledge in skin care. She can take one look at your skin and tell you exactly what products you need and will literally sit there and come up with a skin care regimen for you on the spot. Once you become a regular, which was only after two times shopping there for me (you get rewarded for being a sweet human being), she will hook you up with free masks and let you try out different products. She absolutely adores me and my sister so if you tell her the twins sent you she just might give you a discount or a free sheet face mask. We all want beautiful skin so let her help you in your journey to keep yours healthy, youthful and clear. Please please please go and support this beautiful soul’s business. There are different locations but go. to. her. When I told her I was going to feature her shop on my blog her face lit up and she gave me hella face kisses and the biggest hug, so I know she’s looking forward to possibly gaining new customers.

These are my go-to products…

My favorite sheet masks are the kelp, calendula, and red ginseng and I use the raspberry roots under eye masks to reduce the bags/puffiness under my eyes that grad school has caused. I have bought one moisturizer, the chia seed hydrating crème, and it’s one of the most bomb moisturizers I have ever used that’s store bought. It leaves my face baby booty soft and super hydrated. The cotton pads are infused with green tea so it adds a calming effect when you apply your toner. These products are a MUST buy. But of course, you should always make your own beauty products for the most part (:

P.S. there will probably be a small language barrier at first, but you’ll catch on to what she is telling you. She speaks English, she just has a really thick accent.

This is where I tend to do all my shopping here. This wall has a mask for EVERY skin type. I love using these and the eye masks as well. The sheet face masks are never over $3!!!

Her shop is located on the North side of Houston, which is a drive for me now since I moved but it may be close to some of my Houston subscribers!

3645 FM 1960 Rd W Houston, TX 77068

Please go support her business and don’t forget to subscribe if you’re a new viewer!


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