Diffusers are everything!

I shared a few days ago in my latest post how I was under the weather. Good news is, it’s finally starting to pass and I’m feeling so so so much better, all thanks to my natural home remedies. The healing herbal tea I shared recently, It’s that time of the year, did its thing and worked its magic, along with my diffuser. I swear this diffuser is a gift from God. There are a plethora of essential oil wellness blends, but I used one in particular I found on Pinterest to help me breathe easier because my sinuses were trip.pin. hard (hence the name of the mix lol). If you already have a diffuser and oils and you’re currently under the weather and your sinuses got you messed up, try this blend, it’s amazing.

img_0406If you don’t have one, all you need to buy is a diffuser (obviously lol) which are relatively inexpensive, and an essential oil variety pack, search a mix that’s specific to how you want to feel/what you want to heal/match your mood, and you’ll be on cloud 9. The diffuser I have is by PureSpa Natural, and I have the artisan essential oil variety pack that I purchased from Amazon, along with a few essential oils that I had to buy separately. I promise you that this will be something you’ll never want to be without once you start using it. There’s a blend for everything! Also, don’t worry about not knowing what the oils do, they typically all have their therapeutic effect on the label so you can come up with your own mixes!



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