A healthy GLOW

Waking up to glowing skin is like top 5 greatest things ever, at least to me it is.  To make that happen for your skin all you need to juice & drink before you go to bed is kale + green apples + celeryand I PROMISE YOU that you’ll wake up glowy.

img_0060Green apples contain anti-oxidants which help in cell re-building and rejuvenation. They also contain vitamins A, B & C , so not only do they protect the skin from free radicals , it also helps you to maintain glowing skin from the inside. The rich vitamin content also has nourishing effects on your complexion and boosts your skin’s hydration level, which in turn improves your skin texture.  They are also anti-aging and help to eliminate existing pimples (and to prevent). And I know I said this post is about skin but I have to tell you a few benefits it has for ya hair. It is a natural remedy for strengthening your tresses. Regular use of this juice WILL promote hair growth, trust me when I say that. You’ll have long, strong, and lush hair.

Kale has a high content in vitamin K, which helps to reduce the dark circles under your eyes and tightens your skin. This is one of my fave benefits because my lack of sleep always shows under my eyes. Kale is also a detoxifier. Detoxification of the body is key to keeping your skin clear. It also strengthens your hair roots and improves the blood circulation in your scalp, thus increases the growth rate of ya hair.

Celery is a good source of vitamins A & C, which act as anti-oxidants and protect your skin from signs of aging caused by free radicals. They also contain vitamin E, which nourishes and moisturizes your skin.

So, juice 5 green apples, 4 celery sticks, and a bunch of kale and drink it before you go to bed. Then wake up in the morning to a pretty face.

Now in the words of Big K.R.I.T., everybody get ya glow on 😉

P.s. any green juice you come up with will work, but out of all the ones I made, this one tastes the best.


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