My Hair Journey, and yours too!

Trust me when I say my hair has been through the STRUGGLE.

There was a time in high school that my hair was barely past my shoulders. I can easily blame abusing flat irons, relaxers (my dad took me one day after school to get one when I was in the second grade when my mom was away because he didn’t know how to do my hair smh), and me just being blind to all the damage I was causing. I decided when I got to college that I was going to start over and try to regrow my hair. I began heavily researching, watching natural hair vloggers, and started to mostly use products that I made right in my kitchen. My hair is now waist length when straight (which I don’t do very often now), praise HIM! I have natural curly frizzy hair, shrinkage is craaaazy, so most people can’t tell how long it really is until I straighten it. How much growth my hair underwent from using natural products alone is mind blowing to me and I am sooooo happy with my hair now.

Seeing how all the queens are embracing their natural hair urged me to share all my hair tips. Out of love, I will be sharing oil blends, hair butters (you can view my recent post How I make my own hair moisturizer), and treatments that I make/use, and every now and then a store bought product that I find and that has helped my hair flourish. Your hair is your crown, queen… and kings. 



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