All natural DIY moisturizer that your hair NEEDS! Don’t get caught slippin with dry hair.

If you know me, you know I’m always making something for either my skin or hair right in my kitchen. Having naturally curly and thick hair can sometimes be the ultimate struggle if you don’t take the time to cater to it. Curly hair is very high maintenance and when its dry its nearly impossible to deal with so I make sure to keep my hair super moisturized, especially now since its about to start getting dry and cold in HTX. So let’s get right into how I make a mango butter hair moisturizer using three natural oils (I have lots of different blends but let’s just start with this one). This particular blend will have your hair super shiny, moisturized, soft, and manageable. Yo hair will be on. fleek.

What you need:

Mango butter

Coconut oil

Avocado oil

Argan oil

Double boiler & hand mixer

***If you don’t have a double boiler you can use a regular pot, but just make sure you DON’T BURN your butter & oils. Place the stove top on low heat & immediately remove the pot from the stove as soon as the mango butter and coconut oil is melted.

What to do:

  1. Add water to the bottom pot of the double boiler that sits directly on the stove stop surface, if the top pot is touching the water when you place it back inside of the bottom pot you’ve added too much water, it should not touch (shown on first picture of the photoset, mango butter is already in the double boiler)
  2. Turn stove on to medium heat and place a good sized block of mango butter into the pot (I never measure the butter because I don’t really think it matters)
  3. Once mango butter has completely melted, add a big spoonful of coconut oil (I don’t measure the coconut oil either)
  4. Once coconut oil completely melts (literally should take a few seconds) remove the top pot of the double boiler from stove
  5. Immediately add 1 tbsp of avocado and argan oil and stir the mix together
  6. You can either: leave it out and let it harden, or place it in refrigerator until it hardens (the quickest way)
  7. Once it hardens, use the hand mixer to whip the blend
  8. Place whipped moisturizer into a container of your choice
  9. You’re done (:

If you want yours scented you can add 3 drops of an essential oil of your choice.

Hair moisturizer blog picture

An important tip in regards to making your own moisturizers is to keep the jars or bottles of previous moisturizers you’ve bought & used so you won’t ever have to buy a container to put your moisturizer in (:

P.s. I will definitely be sharing more of my homemade natural hair products, so don’t forget to subscribe! UP next is an all natural moisturizing hair oil. Also, please let me know what particular products you’d like for me to share. Feel free to ask me any questions and leave comments.


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