Issa struggle

I shared in an earlier post how I recently lost almost 20 lbs and how I’ve been struggling to gain it all back. After COUNTLESS hours of studying for exams and stressing over school, I lost another 3 lbs this past week. I made my first two C’s in grad school (which I’m still pretty bummed about) this week but today I made an A on a lab exam (thank God!) so I’m using it as motivation to get back in the gym this week lol.

I also shared that I have my bachelors degree in exercise science, and if you didn’t know that now you do (: So with that being said, I’ll be sharing the many workout plans I’ve made for myself and my friends so those will be posted within the next few weeks or so. I’m planning to make videos so you can easily follow them and see exactly how to do all the exercises. Please please please be patient because school will always come first so I’ll do them when I have the time, especially now that I have to bring my grades back up.



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