Ginger, Turmeric, & Carrot Juice!

IMG_7333Turmeric is just one of those all in one health foods and I love love love it. I use it on my skin, in my juices & smoothies, and I boil it to make different teas. It’s known to be extremely healthy and great as a remedy to lots of illnesses. The benefits I’m going to key in on in regards to this specific juice is that it fights against obesity (more specifically it flattens the tummy), is an anti-inflammatory, improves digestion, lowers cholesterol & blood pressure, & cleanses the liver.

Ginger is another one of my faves, I don’t make a juice with out. It also is an anti-inflammatory, reduces blood sugar, provides relief to sore muscles, cures hangovers *wink wink lol, relieves menstrual pain, fights infection, eases indigestion, and fights cancer.

Carrot is my least favorite because I honestly think it tastes like dirt but I use it as a base in my ginger and turmeric juices due to the fact that they are both very strong in taste and its almost impossible to drink plain ginger, or turmeric juice. I also add it because I have the WORST eyesight, its actually pretty sad. But anyways, carrots are rich in vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin K, vitamin B8, pantothenic acid, folate, potassium, iron, copper, and manganese. They are anti-aging, boost immunity, improve digestion & eyesight, and control diabetes.

All you need is what is depicted above, and obviously a juicer.

P.S. if you make it and find it to be difficult to drink, add a squeeze of lemon. Healthy doesn’t always taste good ☺

*All these items can be purchased at HEB, except for the bottle. The bottle is from a cafe, Tout Suite. I save all their glass bottles, I don’t pay $8 for a juice to not reuse the bottle lol please.


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